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Akamas Wilderness Peninsula, Paphos, Cyprus.

The Akamas peninsula lies in the North West coastal area Cyprus and really is a place of natural beauty that you should take in on your Cyprus holidays. The Akamas stretches from Paphos on the west coast and goes on towards Polis and Latchi on the north coast of Cyprus.

The area is being pushed by conservationists to be declared a nature reserve by the government. The Akamas has remained unspoilt by mass tourism that has rapidly developed much of the rest of the holiday island.

The Akamas consists of almost 80 kilometres squared of wilderness to be explored. The flora and fauna are varied, with several unique habitats. The peninsula boasts some stunning coastline, much of it difficult to access allowing for some beautiful secluded beaches.

There are natural springs and caves to discover, with one of the highlights of the region being the Avakas Gorge which is well worth taking a trip to on your Cyprus day out. The high cliffs, impressive landscape and peaceful stream that flows through the gorge in the summer months add to the atmosphere, really demonstrating Cypriot beauty.

A reason that makes the Akamas area so popular with visitors on holiday is because during the summer months, the area is a major breeding area for Green and Loggerhead turtles on the island. There is a Turtle conservation beach based on Lara beach, Lara bay features a nesting and hatching site. There are often teams from universities studying the Turtles during the summer months.

The Akamas can be explored either on a walking holiday of Cyprus, or you can choose to mountain bike through the rugged region. If you want to discover the Akamas in your hire car we recommend that you hire a four wheel drive vehicle due to the rugged terrain. Also check that the car hire company includes off road insurance. Another way to visit the Akamas is to go on one of the various Safaris that can be bought through a travel agent or your holiday rep.

Cyprus Safari

A great way to explore the Akamas

A jeep or even  bus safari (as pictured) is a great way to explore the Akamas region of Cyprus.

The Avakas Gorge

One of three gorges.

Androlykou Gorge and  Petratis Gorge are on the north side. But the Avakas Gorge is on the South  -on the road into the Akamas region - whilst visiting from Paphos. Avakas has stunning rock formations .

Akamas Villages

Rural Cyprus as its best.

There are many Akamas villages to take in, like Inia and its basket museum or Droushia and its rocky outcrops. Or Arodhes in the Laona plateau.

Flora & Fauna

Especially at springtime.

The Akamas region is awash with colour in spring time - like the wild Cyclamen pictured above

A great place for diving

Crystal Clear Waters

As this users YouTube video shows - Akamas, Cyprus is great for diving  either  scuba or just casual snorkelling - you can read a full Cyprus Diving article on our site.

Lara Turtle Beach

The home of the Cyprus

Turtle project and summer

Breeding ground for two

Species of turtle

Lara Bay

In The Akamas Region