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Laona Restaurant Paphos

More Cyprus Food And Drink

Discover the fresh tastes of Cyprus food! Perfect for sharing is a Cyprus Meze, which allows you to try so many Cyprus favourites.

We delve in, and out about Cypriot Halloumi Cheese or how about the fresh taste of Cyprus Pastries!

Cyprus cuisine is influenced by its neighbours of mainland Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

Produce used in Cypriot cuisine is very much what is fresh and local meaning the Cyprus diet is one of the healthiest.

Cyprus Drinks

Filfar Orange Liqueur

Zivannia Cyprus Moonshine

Lambouri Winery

Cyprus Meze

A Cypriot Meze

You cannot visit Cyprus without trying a meze. One thing is for certain after a good meze you certainly will not  be hungry

Halloumi Squeaky Cheese

Cyprus Halloumi Cheese

Perhaps the islands most famous export squeaky Halloumi Cheese - perfect when grilled!

Cypriot Pastries

Fresh From the Cyprus Bakery

Pies and pastries with Halloumi, Feta, Olives, Spinach and more. Or for the sweet tooth how about some baklava.

Cyprus Beer

Polis Hotels

Beer In Cyprus

Keo Beer is probably the most famous of the islands Beer’s. Carlsberg is also brewed on the island. Find out more about the Cyprus Beer industry here

Cyprus Pastries

Cyprus Fruit

Cyprus Luxury Hotels

The Fresh Taste Of Cyprus Fruit

Our lowdown on which hotels will wow you on your Cyprus holidays, from  amazing spas to butler service and swim up rooms Cyprus Hotels have  them all!

Cyprus Spoon Sweets

Cyprus Glyka

Glyka are Cyprus Sweets made from  preserved fruits, nuts and vegetables - they are preserved in a sweet syrup and are a great after dinner sweet.

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Villas In Cyprus

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Cyprus Food And Drink

Cypriot cuisine at its best!

Commandaria Wine

Made By The Crusaders!

Commandaria is a sweet  dessert wine originally made by the crusader knights near Kolossi, Limassol!

Cyprus Brandy Sour

Brandy Sour Cocktail

Cypriot Brandy Sour!

Refreshingly sweet, that’s how we would describe the cocktail of Cyprus, Brandy Sour. A great way to cool down on a summer holiday.

Cyprus Dolmades

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Our Cyprus Food page would not be complete without look at Cyprus Koupepia (Dolmades) Stuffed Vine Leaves.

Cyprus Wine

Cyprus Vines for Cyprus Wine

Cypriot Wine

Cypriot food would not be complete until its washed down with a  glass of Cyprus Wine!

Cyprus Filfar Liqueur

Taste The Sunshine

Filfar Liqueur made from the oranges of Cyprus  really is a taste of Cyprus Sunshine.  Filfar now also comes in Lemon and Mandarin  flavours.

Cyprus Souvlaki (Kebab)

Cyprus Souvlaki Kebab

Cypriot Kebab (Souvlaki)

Souvlaki is the street food of Cyprus, and it contains the essentials of Cyprus cuisine. Barbecued pork, fresh salad and warm pitta bread.

Cyprus Delights

Loukoumia - Cyprus Delights

With several small factory shops in the village of Geroskipou (Paphos) Cyprus Delights (similar to Turkish Delight) are a Cypriot food delicacy to savour!

Loukanika Cyprus Sausage

Cyprus Sausage Loukanika

Cypriot Sausage - Loukanika

One item of Cyprus Food that you should definitely savour is Loukanika Cyprus pork sausage, flavoured with its wine, herbs coriander seeds and more