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Cyprus Vines

Cypriot Wine

Cyprus Wine

Cyprus was the first Mediterranean country to produce wine more than 5,500 years ago and since then wine and wine making has an intrinsic part of Cypriot life ever since.  Today Cyprus is around the 37th biggest wine producer in the world, impressive considering the islands population.

Many families run their own wineries. Even though there are 50 wineries in Cyprus today, Cypriot wines are little known abroad, but the Limassol-based Wine Products Council is trying to change the image of Cypriot wines with wine connoisseurs worldwide and to raise the profile other wines in the European market.

The cornerstone for the success of the Cyprus wines is quality because they can never be as competitively priced as other wines simply because the number of bottles produced by each wine company is much smaller than the numbers produced foreign competitors.

Cyprus wine producers are striving for quality and are trying to be more competitive. The introduction of the annual Cyprus Wine Competitionsparked friendly rivalry between the wineries and almost every wine producer eagerly takes part in the competition.

he major incentive is that wines are awarded medals and their producer can display the special medal winner sticker on their wine labels. The organisers have been delighted with the success of the event and the interest generated in both the international and local press and the event has certainly raised the profile of local wines in the public eye.

The Cyprus Wine Competition is gaining increasing recognition and the organisers hope that in years to come it will be as internationally recognised as the Thessaloniki wine competition, where Cypriot wine often does well

Certainly, there have been many challenges for Cypriot winemakers since the country joined the European Union, but thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of many, Cyprus wines are enjoying increasing popularity as wine lovers across Europe discover their quality and special character.

Discover more about Cyprus Wine on your holiday by visiting the Cyprus Wine Museum in the village of Erimi, just outside Limassol! This is only a few kilometres from Kolossi, famous for the production of  Cinnabdaria the Cyprus Sweet wine!

The largest Cypriot Wineries are KEO, Sodap and Loel.  However why not check out the wines of Fikardos of Paphos, Hadjiontonas of Limassol, or Lambouri Winery.


Cyprus Zivania Loel

The Cyprus Spirit.

Zivania the product that started out as home brew, is now commercially produced. Make sure you try a shot on your Cyprus holiday.

Commandaria Wine

Cyprus Commandaria Wine

Cyprus Dessert Wine

Commandaria was made in Cyprus by the crusader knights and is Cyprus’s most famous wine!

Cyprus Wine Festival

Cyprus Wine Festival

Limassol Wine Festival

Join in the fun of the Limassol Wine Festival which takes places annually at the end of August to celebrate the end of the harvest!

Tuck In To Cyprus Food

Halloumi Grilling

Food In Cyprus

As well as great drink - food in Cyprus is ultra  tasty. Find out more about it.

Discover Paphos

Plenty In Paphos!

From the best Paphos Beaches, as well as the attractions and sights we’ve got Paphos covered.

Cyprus Water Park Tickets

Cyprus Water Park

Splash Down At Limassol Water Park

Book your tickets to one of Europe’s best water parks Fasouri Watemania Water Park Limassol.

Paphos Castle At Night

Cyprus Meze

A Cyprus Meze

A Taste Of Cyprus

Cyprus  wine goes best with Cyprus Food and what better than a taste of everything with a Cyprus Meze.